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Day: June 13, 2011

[SDCC] Less movie studios is not the end of the world…

So, the current news from the world of Comic Con is: Movie Studios will not be showing much this year at Con and Cowboys and Aliens is premiering on 7/23 at San Diego Civic Theater for a lucky 2000.
This isn’t so bad in the long run. The gawk factor is less and then hopefully so will be the lines.
I think the lack of Movie Studios at Hall H will be welcome relief for all those involved. Now, instead of having to ninja your way up to the front row for the movie panels you’ll be doing it for the television panels and probably have half the line.
I do hope the static displays continue. The giant displays are not nearly as traffic stopping inducing as the line for the celebs.
The news article reports that many companies were burned last year by the con and several examples are given. I hate to tell them but it’s not Con that’s burning them it’s the craptastic movies they put out.