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[Doctor Who Review] A Good Man goes to War

Where’s my wife?
An adventure with a Victorian, Detective, Katana wielding, Silurian in fog filled London and her equally katana wielding woman servant was passed up for shitty episode about pirates?
Was passed up for 2 parter about Gangers than really went nowhere?
What. The. Frack?

My mother has not really liked this season and after tonight’s mid season finale (something that I hope doesn’t catch on since I cannot stand it when American shows do it) I have to agree. The writing is all over the place because the big bad is nowhere to be seen.
The Doctor’s Army of irregulars was perfect. Too bad none of them were set up throughout the season before tonight’s episode. Except the Silurian and the Pirate. But her getting dumped into Victorian England was not set up so it’s worse. The fact everyone has wronged the Doctor and they are repenting is perfect idea. Just not executed properly.
This is no Bad Wolf or Saxon lurking sub plot because we have no clue who half these fucking people are in tonight’s episode. Headless Monks, good. Eye Patch Lady gets some dialogue. The companion-wanna be had the makings of a companion but not. As for the Army and their General Runaway, priceless except for the fact: We. Have. No. Idea. Who. The. Fuck. These. People. Are.
It’s great that these mere humans (yes, even the Headless Monks) have gotten together to wage a war on The Doctor since last years Rogue’s Gallery at the Pandorica didn’t really end too well for anyone.
I realize the entire Silurian’s needed to die just to get have the joke about the death prayer but c’mon: Silurian’s win over Headless Monks any day.
And, yes we find out about River. If there is a Doctor Who Panel at SDCC, I can just see the line for Q&A. Yikes. Just start the line now for Hall 20 and we’ll see you all there. It’s nice to see that dangling plot point for 3 years is finished.
Now, let’s get back to the main problem of this half season: We all knew it was coming. Moffat said: Half season! And, hey, it’s 7 episodes then 3 months of nothing.
I’m fine with that.
Last season had some bumps but this season, wow, did this season just suck so far. First two eps and the Neil Gaimen episode are by far watchable. The rest. Bleh.
I wouldn’t be this harsh if the previous episodes had been better plotted up to this episode, if the finding of the bedroom scene in Florida had moved forward. Except it didn’t. Just, oh she might be pregnant. The last mind bending thing was River regenerating herself in what I can only assume chronological order and growing old instead of the Doctor’s in reverse from old to young.
The eye patch lady looking in every so often does not constitute Harold “I am the muther fucking Mastah” Saxon’s gophers threatening Martha’s family.
I hope Let’s go Kill Hitler makes up for all this. I really do.

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