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[Plotting About] Oh, the joys of Scrivener…

I’m late to the party with Scrivener. I know I haven’t even scratched the surface of what it can do. One of the lovely features in Scrivener is character photos.
After last years NaNoWrimo I bought a license and have been adding pictures. The one slight down side I’ve found so far is Microsoft Word Tracking Changes and Scrivener do not seem to like each other. Probably a M$ glitch.
The nice thing is the 3×5 card app for my iPad can upload to Dropbox and import to Scrivener. Now, Scrivener just needs to make the jump to iOS and I can stop using iA Writer.
So, if the question is ever asked: If they ever made a movie or TV Show who would you cast as this character, here are the answers.
Spencer on the top row, the second row is the salvage team/family aka the “Reynolds” from the first two chapters.
The others have been introduced in one form or another in the older drafts and will make their way into the current one soon. Third row not so much, yet.
The details for each of the character sheets is pretty good and easily adjustable.

Overall, the app is work looking into. Comes in Mac and PC flavors.

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