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Month: July 2011

[SDCC] SDCC 2011 Photos…

#sdcc 2011 photos have been uploaded -> http://www.flickr.com/photos/rkbentley/sets/72157627163306663/
I’ve taken down most of the instagram photos that I uploaded to flickr with the exception of a few photos taken with the iPhone.

[SDCC] T-Minus 1 Day Ramblin'…

The #sdcc prep is almost complete.
The roller is packed. Rolled all the clothes fit on one side while the other side is empty. iPad carry on may get repacked. All electronica devices will be charged tonight. Going to leave the battery mount home this time. And any liquids are in a plastic bag.
Happy to see SDCC has posted a restaurant guide and that restaurants are including discounts for con goers. I dunno if this is a first but I have to say: Good going.
Downloaded a few podcasts from Nerdist, the Neil Gaiman and Simon Pegg casts were good enough to warrant a subscription.
A couple of links for everyone not going but want to follow along, I’ll be cross posting pictures so any pictures should show up on Twitter + FB and if I post any pictues via CNN iReport, they’ll be cross posted as well. My Flickr account will be updated with the RAW Files once I get home.
I don’t know whether I’ll get passes for next year or not. The 75% increase between last year and this year gives me enough pause to say: Is it really worth it? As much as I enjoy San Diego the town, I’ve never been to San Fran, Seattle or Phoenix which is where Wondercon, Emerald City or Phoenix Con are respectively.

[Movie Review] Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Man why do the Decepticons get all the good shit!?
The Transformers Movie franchise cannot harken back to the days of The Matrix when the first movie can be looked upon with geek wonder while the 2nd and 3rd movies are ignored due to an overabundance that slowed down the plot.
Dark of the Moon is front loaded with a great idea: What happens if the entire Space Race is set off by an alien ship full of Transformers landing on the moon. How far are the Russians willing to go to get their hands on some alien tech? And, looking back on it, did the Decepticons kill Kennedy?
The problem with this lovely idea is it may be fresh but the chocolate the covers the nugget filled center will likely give you a case of the stupids.