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[SDCC] SDCC 2011: Day One Ramblin'

Preview Night at #sdcc is three hours worth of the next four days.
It’s also when everyone crams towards the toy company booths looking for exclusives.

Overall, the day went well, walking down to the Convention Center I found the Borders that had been opened last year is now closed and completely cleared out.
The movie theater near to the B+B had a showing of Aliens 2 weeks ago. Doh.
Getting passes was relatively straight forward, the bags this year are a little more durable and as I found out, many passersby did not know Cartoon Network was bringing back The Thundercats.
BTW, a friendly heads up the stall for selling Italian Ice outside the Convention Center is worth going to. She’s right next to the Total Recall video screen. For $3 you can’t go wrong.
I had three objectives for today: Objective Zero was restock the fridge. As for the rest 1: Get Saffron poster from the Quantum Mechanix Booth since I had preordered the others on-line. 2: Get a TARDIS bobble head from another booth. 3: Get a SDCC T-Shirt that doesn’t have the DC line up on it.
The only slight problem with two of this objectives were the lines.
Yes. Already.
No bullshit. The line for SDCC T-Shirts was longer than the line for The Guild which just goes to show a t-shirt can dethrone Felicia Day.
The line for the TARDIS Bobble head and other exclusive items was too long so off to Quantum I went.
The Quantum Objective was greeted by drooling over the Enterprise NCC 1701 movie model w/ flashing lights, then shoving through the line for Mattel that was next door and, oh yeh, the full sized TARDIS w/ blinking light.
Forget the Booth Babes. We have a new let’s-stop-traffic-and-gawk winner: The TARDIS.
A lined formed on the other side of the aisle to take a picture of the TARDIS once the throng of traffic stopped. We were mistaken twice for a line for one of the toy companies.
Congrats Quantum Mechanix, you did good. Now you just need a bigger booth for next year.

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