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[SDCC] SDCC 2011: Day Two Ramblin'

Day Two of #sdcc is the first full day of panels and the convention started off early with Twlight and the horrendous line for pre-reg for 2012.

Judging from the Tweets across the #sdcc hash tag I think Hollywood is no longer the problem with Comic Con, I think Comic Con is now the problem for Comic Con. The fact people were camped out at 430pm on Preview Night to get passes for 2012 just does not sit well with me. I’m basing this on my quick and easy ordering of passes last year that took less than ten minutes, it may have been worse after I got my passes.
The lines we were worried about last year were lines for Hall H and Ballroom 20, each of those rooms hold the largest amount of people so one assumes those will have lines. So, today it was about lines for pre-reg and even the SDCC T-shirt. A bloody t-shirt required a line.
The line prep for the convention has been a waste. I don’t know if they did not spend money on getting barricades but Apple has better line prep when one of their devices comes out than SDCC does for a panel.
Started off early this morning with a stroll through Petco Park. With no home games currently, the park looked like a fun place to go for a game.
The first panel of the day was the Dragon War panel with Felicia Day, Doug Jones and several crew including DP, Felicia’s agent and others. A few technical problems showing the trailer happened, no sound then in black and white then they got it right. The participants had a few good stories and the audience had a few good questions and the panel moved along at a brisk pace.
The next panel was Science Fiction that could change your life with Javier from Middleman, a few I09’s writers/editors and other writers. The subject was simple: what science fiction did you like in the last year. The universal drubbing that Sucker Punch got from the panel made for a lovely panel. Several subjects came up from mid-range sci-fi being popular to dead genre suddenly being in.
Dick’s Last Resort for lunch. Loud and good food.
Next panel was No Damsel in Distress Panel with Seanan McGuire and Co. Where the science fiction had been one side of the coin, the women writers talking about how to make a believable heroine was nice to listen too.
After that it was back to the Dealer’s Room and the traffic congestion that had been so prominent the night before was gone and this led to getting the Tardis Booble head (complete w/ sound effect).
Met a few people while I was in line, one person from Rutgers was doing her dissertation on the convention and took a picture of so far the only Captain Jack I’ve seen, he was with Abbyshot.com that is licensed to make the coats from Doctor Who and Torchwood.
Also happy to report that CNN has caught up with a few of my photos and two of them, one of Tardis and Enterprise made the front page of iReport.
Decided to skip out on the Attack The Block sneak preview and stayed in instead.
Tomorrow may be a goof off and go see Captain America or attempt the lines at Ballroom 20…

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