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[SDDC] SDCC 2011: Day Zero Ramblin'

Day Zero of #sdcc can be handled one of two ways: Fly out early on Tuesday or fly out and get into San Diego in time to go to bed.

Flying out early takes care of one thing: Decompressing and time zone changes.
The humidity in Rhode Island and much of the US was getting bad and I mentioned to mom this was the week to be in NH.
Packing went well enough I may have space for swag. Got all my toiletries into 1 plastic baggie, my metal objects in another. Speed is your friend in the TSA Line. The less stuff you have to put back into yourself the better.
Driving over to the airport was interesting when someone was coming down the on ramp for Arrivals.
The on ramp is only 1-way, up, not down. My guess is he made a tight turn off the highway off ramp and got lost, I guess the warning cones weren’t enough.
The lines were short so arriving 2hrs (1 hr buffer for the line, 1 hr for check in) early was a little bit overkill. Each of the TSA at the airports asked if I was going to the Con, the bright maroon orange SDCC Shirt w/ Bats, Wonder Woman and Sups was not a dead giveaway.
The slowness of passengers was worst than the TSA. Had lunch at Wolfgang Puck Express and as most you can judge from the photo stream took some pictures.
Saw an P-51 take off from TF Green and thought of Paul.
The Embraer Flight was like being stuffed into a sardine can. It was fun watching which passengers managed to bypass the gate check agent’s and smuggled their honking huge 2 carry ons onto the plane.
Newark Airport was interesting. Interesting in the fact if you go from Terminal A to Terminal C you have to rerun the TSA Gauntlet. The air tram was cute, doesn’t hold a candle to Chicago’s moving walkway.
The three hour layover was not as bad as I expected. The electrical outlet situation in Providence isn’t so bad, at Newark, the Samsung Recharge Kiosks need to be every five feet.
It took us a bit to get in the air, the weather pattern had already taken one plane out off the runway and thankfully we managed to take off after a 30min wait.
Flying Continental instead of Southwest was interesting. It was nice to have live Direct TV (for a price) and have real food (for a price). The only thing missing was watching Sox on NESN.
Overall, a good flight, nowhere near as cramped as the school bus on Southwest. And no one was praying the rosary this time.
Landed safe, got to the B+B and collapsed.

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