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Month: August 2011

[Ramblin'] Irene, Draft and Columbiana updates…

This won’t be much of an update since Irene’s western edge kicked the crap out of the lower East Coast and Vermont while her eastern edge basically passed by Rhode Island.
Saturday we managed to have our Rhody Writers Meet Up at Books on the Square. Since the library was booked, one our newer members found us a lovely place to meet at and I have to say even with the then Cat 2 Hurricane slowly churning up the coast we had 8 people, 6 regulars and 2 new people, 1 even had signed up the night before.
I always enjoy these meet ups because I have no idea what people are going to post. We have the Steampunk / Fantasy , Horror, Sci-Fi, General Fiction and others. So far I have not found any of the pieces in six months boring and many of them come back once they’ve been edited and read better than before. And, if that’s the case, then the group is working.

[Doctor Who Review] Let's Kill Hitler!

Thank you, I think you just saved my life.”
Looks like Irene ate my post, so let’s try this again.
Episode 8 of the split season picks up with the Doctor and Co on the continued task to track down baby Melinda after she was abducted as a child at the end of Episode Seven and trained as we find out later to kill the doctor.
Unfortunately, instead of spreading this idea out over the entire rest of the season with the Doctor using several people as information gatherers, scouts and overall bad asses, Moffat decides to introduce Melody Pond as subtle fart in Church.
You must take the good with the bad, I suppose. Thankfully, this episode is nowhere near as bad as Torchwood’s run on Starz has been.

[Book Review] Ready Player One

Ready Player One.”
Ready Player One by Ernie Cline is what a dystopian future should look like. Economy in the toilet, energy depleted, trailers stacked dangerously close. Most kids going to school in VR called OASIS and the 80’s has made a comeback by way of a Jobsian / Hughes-like computer programer named James Halliday.
James Halliday is D+D playing social outcast when he meets Ogden Morrow. Over the years the two would go from creating games in their basement to forming a company and becoming millionaires. During those years they build a giant VR world called Oasis which only costs a quarter to join. Years later as society slowly crumbles, Halliday, upon his death mass emails everyone on OASIS and says if can decipher my riddle, play my game, get the three keys, win then you would become CEO of my company and get all my money.
There’s a part of me wonders if this book had come out before SDCC if the panel I attended with Cline as one of the speakers would have been more popular and longer than it was because this is so much geek name checking in this book it boggles the mind.

[Podcast Love] A few podcasts I can recommend…

So, once I came back from San Diego, I decided to listen to some of the Nerdist Podcasts on my walks and in doing so managed to find a few other Podcasts I can recommend:
Just a heads up: Most of these are label explicit except the Sci-Fi Publishing.
First, Aisha Tylers Girl on Guy Interview Podcast is pretty good. It just started and if your a fan of Archer at least 2 of the 3 current casts she’s done is with Archer cast members.
Second, Nerdist Writer’s Panel. This podcast consists of a panel of television writers from Buffy to Supernatural to 24 and such all of which takes place at Meltdown Comics in LA. Tickets available on website.
Third, Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing.
Lastly, Nerdist Podcast. Most of the celeb interviews are interesting to listen to and always fun to hear where they filming from.