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[Movie Review] Triangle

Let’s go sailing!”
Triangle is a fun, small, horror movie about a group of people who go out sailing only to get caught in a storm then board a ship only to find they are not a alone. And, no, it’s not Gilligan or the Skipper…

Triangle does not try to be Primer or Ghost Ship.
Instead, writer/director Christopher Smith (Severance, Black Death and Creep) takes a page from Star Trek: The Next Generation’s episode Cause and Effect along with X-File’s episode(s) involving a boats, puts some likeable people on a mysterious boat and through events not completely explained kills them several times over.
Employing this trick gives you different point of views of the same event. A trick I hated in Back to The Future 2 but used in Triangle sparingly since this movie is only 99 minutes long.
I should also say if you cannot stand Melissa George then this movie is obviously not for you. Melissa’s character of Jess is a bit off in the beginning of the movie but once on board the ship she begins to open up while her friends die around her until at exactly at the beginning of the 2nd Act she learns how long her and her friends have been in this bloody loop of death.
The one thing about Triangle is it never gives away why, there is off handed remark about a Greek God Sisyphus sentenced to forever pushing a rock up hill and never making any headway.
The good news is there is no faceless creature stalking these people, in the end, lines will be crossed, friends brutally dispatched and several seagulls still will hit windshields.
If you haven’t seen Severance, Christopher Smith has a way of turning the conventional idea on it’s head and do something completely different with it.
Even if it doesn’t break new ground I still throughly enjoyed Triangle and would highly recommend it.

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