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Month: August 2011

[Television] The television landscape

With TNT Falling Skies ending on a high note, not to mention getting picked up for a second season, I was going to post something about how it looked like science fiction shows were doing pretty good this season until SyFy announced last night that instead of picking up Eureka for 6 episodes for a 6th season, the upcoming 13 episode run would be it’s final season.
The Twitter Warehouse/Eureka/Stargate List served itself well even if I heard 8 hours later what happened.

[Plotting About] Deathbar's Great Escape…

My job is not to find out what the public wants and give it to them; my job is to make the public want what I want.
French Director Robert Bresson
I was reading through Nicholas Meyer Star Trek Memoir entitled The View from the Bridge and found this quote quite interesting because one of Rhody Writers brought up a question in our last meet up about how it feels to sit down, write and then for lack of a better word throwing our babies out to a rabid pack of wolves.