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[Plotting About] Deathbar's Great Escape…

My job is not to find out what the public wants and give it to them; my job is to make the public want what I want.
French Director Robert Bresson
I was reading through Nicholas Meyer Star Trek Memoir entitled The View from the Bridge and found this quote quite interesting because one of Rhody Writers brought up a question in our last meet up about how it feels to sit down, write and then for lack of a better word throwing our babies out to a rabid pack of wolves.

Simple answer: you pray they actually take no prisoners because sometimes a slap in the face is required.
Hopefully the slap will not drop you on your butt and give you PTFS aka Post Traumatic Feedback Syndrome. Sure signs of PTFS is the unwillingness to get back on the horse and accept the fact you’re not shitting diamonds.
In other writing news: The brickwall I hit has diminished a bit. The problems I’ve been having is what I’ve been trying to avoid: info dump. The good news is most of the reviewers are coming back saying: I can follow the story. Sure there a few bumps but it’s better than before.
The other thing I’m trying to avoid is: Talking Head disease. One of the better ways to avoid this is: run and dump. As in, don’t sit the characters down at a bar and let them slow down. Keep them moving along with the plot.
The lull is in chapter 6 when the main characters return to the Space Station and one of the characters backstory comes back to haunt her. The problem I’m facing is: Do we really want all this now or wait for later? The good news is Chapter 7 is when things start blowing up again for good reason not just because.
Getting away from my own work, I was trying to catch up a piece from another writing group and it was eight pages of EPIC FANTASY overview.
Yes, EPIC FANTASY is always in caps just like Space Opera has a few droids, samurai with WW II references and a farm boy saving the universe with daddy issues. But, damn dude, Tolkien is Tolkien, leave Tolkien be and just write a scene or two to cover where the audience is, not overview.
Overview is NaNoWrimo Territory not I want to look professional territory.
Okay, I’ll rephrase that: Overview in small, happy, bite sized doses is okay. I only bring up overview because of how much of it was in my Zombie NaNo which is next on the list once I get the current Space Opera work in progress completed.
So far the DEATH BAR count is:

Full Disclosure: Yep, I stole the format code Warren Ellis is using to announce his DEATH BAR numbers since DEATH BAR w/ a black background and white text is really cool looking.
DEATH BAR is (C) Warren Ellis, 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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