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[Doctor Who] Closing Time

I hate that face! I’ve had nightmares about that face!
Good ole Craig! It’s Doctor Who’s version of Hurley!
So with one episode to go until the big finish and since they’re filming the Christmas Episode even as we speak, I have to say this entire Melody Pond being brainwashed to kill the Doctor was originally a great idea.
Unfortunately, something happened in the office’s of the Beeb and someone said (I can only assume): Ya know wot, how is that gonna work exactly?
Getting past that whole mess of Melody Pond, the Silence and killing the Doc, let’s get back to the episode at hand: Cybermen stalking people in a Department Store! Complete with Cybermat!

Harkening back to Rose territory with the Mall and fond rose tinted glasses memories of Tom Baker’s Cybermen episodes on Space Station Nerva, Closing Time was cute and managed to make a fearsome enemy actually killable since they were on their last legs.
And for a change, I didn’t mind.
The nigh invincible pepper shakers of doom and the robots allergic to gold can only run you so far.
Closing Time was one of the many Post-Best of Both Worlds type of ST:TNG Borg Episodes where the Borg was not the big ole bogeyman.
In hindsight, this should have been a Torchwood Episode. This is the type of one off, archeological dig Torchwood should have been investigating but we get Ianto and his Cyber girlfriend in the basement.
Amy becoming a model for perfume was cute and done with little fanfare.
Craig and the Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All was cute. I know I keep saying cute, but after 6 seasons of Dr Who, you need some comedy and Craig brought it.
But, we have to end with Doctor River Song, her tracking down the Doctor and the evil baddies we haven’t see all fraking half season!
There are several questions I have, but they revolve around the fact that the Doctor aged supposedly a hundred years in between episodes so the Impossible Astronaut would work. So, why the Doc didn’t just unbrainwash Melody Pond? Why they managed to find her so quickly? And, what happened to the extra hundred years tacked onto the Doctor’s age? Is just going to be fluffed off as: We had to write it so the entire season get be invalidated like last season when the universe was rebooted.
Yeh, Doctor has become Buffy, saving the universe every season and it’s getting old. Smaller season finales: Good! Big splodey season finales: Bad!
I honestly hope the extra time off they have for next season allows the writers to come up with better plot lines. Because, this season on a whole was like the filler season we had with Tennant, some parts of the special episodes were good others sucked.
And, I don’t like Inspector Timespace to suck.

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