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[Doctor Who Ramblin'] Inspector Timespace has a headache…

So with six days to go until the season finale, let’s take a look back at what we know:

1. Amelia and Rory traveling with the Doctor have been collecting time vortex energy (see Sarah Jane Ep). In doing so, their genes are radiated and any off spring will become like the Doctor.
2. Amelia and Rory joined the Time Vortex Mile High Club more than once and Amelia gets pregnant sometime between her Wedding and the beginning of Season 6.
3. Amelia gets kidnapped and replaced by a doppelganger.
4. Amelia comes to term and gives birth to Melody Pond on Demon’s Run.
5. Doctor and the cast of his irregulars come to save the day only to have the child spirited away. Doctor tells River to get her parents home while he searches for the younger Melody Pond.
6. Baddies brainwash Melody and send her to Florida in the 60’s.
7. Doctor, Amelia, Rory, River and Delaware track down their operation and in the ensuing melee the child escapes from the space suit that is supposed to sustain her life and makes a run for it.
8. Melody Pond journey winds her up in New York and a variety of factors not mentioned cause her to regenerate in a alleyway.
9. Melody II, now called Mels makes it from New York to Britain and inserts herself in Amelia and Rory’s pre-teen life. (And, this is where I call bullshit.)
10. Melody and Rory journey off with the Doctor for Season 5. Mels misses the Wedding because she is not a wedding person. Season 6 begins. #1-5 happen.
11. The events of Let’s Kill Hitler happen. Mels becomes Melody III (yes, I’m going by Romana’s numbering) and kills the Doctor in Hitler’s Officer. Except, not really and gives up the rest of regenerations to him out of love.
12. Melody is sent to hospital then school and becomes a Archeologist to find the Doctor.
13. Is bad luck.
14. The Baddies find Melody on her graduation day (?) and insert her in Lake Silencio w/ full astronaut suit.
15. Just in time for next week’s episode when the Doctor now 100yrs older (somehow, I call bullshit, again) summons everyone including Delaware to Lake Silencio for a picnic when the astronaut rises up and kills him. Getting shot during regeneration is bad mojo and somewhat established when the Master refused to regenerate.
16. Doctor’s body is burned and Delaware gives cryptic speech about seeing them soon.
17. Doctor now 100yrs younger shows up after being invited by 100 year older self and the gang goto #7 then #3-5 then #11.
18. Yes, I know 16 lines (not counting 13) and this is a “kids” show.
19. So the rest of Season 6 happens and soon #15 will happen.
20. Do you see why someone at the Beeb probably asked: How are we going to do this?
21. Repeat after me: Time paradoxes suck!
22. And if you don’t know what Inspector Timespace is, go watch the 3rd season premier episode of Community.
If they say the Doctor was just a Ganger and the real Doctor is in the Zero Room and or other secret room we don’t know about, I will seriously punch someone…

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