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[Doctor Who Review] The God Complex

Well, that killed the mood.
This felt like we were back in the Russell T. Davis era when there would be bodies like cord wood from floor to ceiling.

The last few episodes have been stand alone / ship in the bottle episodes and longer than most of the standard 43 minute episodes. As for what this is going to do the BBC America Broadcasts, who knows.
I thought the episode was okay but not as good as last weeks since last weeks focused something plausible like deserting a companion due to a time stream error and Karen Gillian’s acting.
This week focused on faith/fear/belief and while I enjoyed the rooms knowing your fear I felt the whole Praise Him while spooky at first felt like a let down. I enjoy a talking antagonist even it’s one that chews scenery. And, as much as I enjoy the whole minotaur god, I missed the faulty computer AI plot.
Hotel California Doctor Who-style.
The additional characters for this episode ranging from Rita to the alien that was constantly being conquered was a step up from the characters in Midnight. Of course I enjoyed Rita the most and of course she gets it.
The entire plot line of the Doctor wanting Rory and Amy to settle down and get out before they too ended up like the companions in the past was dead on perfect. So much so, I would hope someone does either a fanfic or a one off comic of all the companions having a Doctor Anonymous Meeting, I’m not counting the group formed in Love and Monsters since it’s Love and Monsters, meh.
I slightly surprised we have no foreshadowing of what is coming for the season finale, I’ve seen the episode title, so no spoilers there sweety, but part of me is happy it’s not some big elaborate plot since the last time that happened we got: Stolen Earth and Journey’s End.
Two episode left until Christmas…

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