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[Plotting About] NaNoWrimo 2011 in Rhode Island

TGIO Party 2010
A plucky group of writers that came to our TGIO Party.

Just a quick heads up for those in the New England Area, NaNoWrimo is 7 weeks away.
A communication check is in order for those who haven’t updated their bookmarks:
RI’s NaNoWrimo LJ Community
RI’s Wrimo’s FB Page (the old one is getting archived)
RI’s Wrimo Twitter Feed
RI’s NaNoWrimo Message Board (will get wiped in October)
Myself and Andy will be Co-ML again this year and will be getting together shortly to go over places for meet ups. Judging from the success of many of the places later year I don’t see a drastic change except for taking Borders off the list.
And, if anyone is looking for software to try out during NaNoWrimo Scrivner is free for the first month. And, if you make it to 50k and validate by the end of November the software will discounted.
PC/Linux Beta Version.
Mac Version.

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