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Day: October 29, 2011

[Plotting About] Rhody Writing Group, NaNoWrimo and Snow…

Yep friends, it’s that time of year again: NaNoWrimo is upon us in 2 days.
That means the noise ratio which has been generally quiet in these parts is gonna go up with posts about word counts.
The good news is today started off generally well even if the weather starting to act up to the south of us.
The Rhody Writing Group meet up went well. The group is coming together well I think and the pieces of work are getting a getting better because of the feedback. The Title of this Meet Up was: Caribou Caterers and No balls in sink.
Once the meet up was over, half of us drove up to Johnston where the weather was changing to a mix. I decided to have the kick off at Brewed Awakenings. Overall, it worked out, a few glitches popped up: address mix up and table’s not being reserved for us. It beats trying to find parking to get to Blake’s Tavern. Stickers were handed out and everyone went over what they were doing this year. While we did that, Fox News talked about the snow shutting causing a great deal of outages in Jersey, PA and CT due to the storm.
Thankfully, RI is only getting the east side of the storm so the rain/snow/mix line is taking it’s sweet time getting here. The trees may be a problem but the fact everyone had their houses decorated for Halloween hopefully won’t be too damaged.