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[Doctor Who Review] The Wedding of River Song

The death of time…
Like last years season finale this was on a small scale and brought about some great situations that come from a science fiction show. I mentioned in the past, alt reality episodes have become the bread and butter of most programs, Fringe has embraced it all of last season and last night’s episode was a perfect example of how to do it right.

As for The Wedding of River Song, I enjoyed the episode on a whole. The call back to characters from previous episodes from Matt Smith’s run was established last year and it was enjoyable even if Churchill brings back bad memories of skittle Darleks, one can hope Liz 10 will be part of next year’s call back.
I dunno, was asking for the Silence to be ring bearers not a lot to ask?
The fact they were not blowing up the universe this time goes in the plus column, the reveal of how, when and why the Doctor was shot was better than I expected and made up for less than stellar season. Part of me wonders if the Tessalactor is part of the Time Agency which would be nice since that means more Jack since the ratings from Starz probably means no second season of Torchwood. I enjoyed the design of this episode, the pryamid for Area 52, the balloons with cars and Amy gone completely Scully with the eyedrive.
The only problem with this episode was it jettisoned the growth of Rory’s character after 2 seasons he’s brought back to Step 0: Date Amy.
I was being honest about the Silence being the ring bearers at the wedding, since the wedding dragged the episode to a halt at the end of the cliff. It would seem fitting for the Doctor to end the alt universe with a kiss surrounded by baddies.
Part of me is glad the Doctor Who calendar is looking like this:
Christmas Special
Easter Special
Autumn – Series 7 Part 1
Christmas Special
Spring – Series 7 Part 2
Autumn – Series 8
Christmas Special
Thank the budget cuts and/or thank the Olympics they have time to write some good episodes.
So, with things settled: The Doctor “dead”, River “imprisoned” and Amy and Rory settled in on Earth to either twiddle their thumbs or make more Time Lords. Season 6 answers most of the questions started back in Season 4 when Silence in the Library aired except for one: Doctor Who?
I find the question an interesting one because aside from the books that vaguely mentioned touched on the subject and with the waning days of Doctor #7 (circa ’87ish), is Cartmel Masterplan afoot i.e. who really is the Doctor? Even the name is vague because you can work it both ways, both good or evil. A kindness Doctor or the one with the drill. And, really that’s what this series has shown us from the beginning: both sides of the Doctor.
The Doctor’s identity has always been played for laughs or easily deflected. It would be nice to get some backstory on him not enough to ruin the mystique but just enough to chew for a few more seasons.
If this means we go back to Galifrey post-Time War, I’m all for it and if it means Master, I’m all for it.
Unfortunately, it means no more Doctor Who Confidential so unless Moffat begins to blog or do podcast like Ron Moore did for BSG, it looks like the behind the scenes curtain is going to pulled and either we get out tidbits from the mags or websites.
Only 2.5 months until Christmas…

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