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Day: November 8, 2011

[NaNoWrimo] Well, she's unconscious now. That's awesome*.

*Once again more banter from a Write In.
Write Ins are fun when you have different genres going a mile a minute.
Last year I mentioned at one of the Cranston Write Ins we had mythical, sci-fi and then we had someone from the Newport Naval College making damn sure she had the dates right for Ancient Rome for electoral process, such as it was.
This year at the CCRI Write In, a conversation started up about how to assault a police officer’s house, somehow get the heroine drugged and kidnapped while not killing the cop. This ranged from how smart are the bad guys, cutting the power to the house, drugging the food to digressing into the fact if you use a silencer too many times it stops being, well, silent.
This was the first time we had a Write In at a College and the Student Lounge and rather large spaciousness worked out well for table space, electrical outlets and no Weather Channel Jazz!
The randomness from the night before had dialed down to a one, the students ignored us but most of them were drooling over the rather large bowl of still %50 off Halloween Candy that will probably last us the rest of the month.
As for a word count, I have finally gotten past for the moment.
The NaNoWrimo DEATH BAR count is: