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[NaNoWrimo] It's not the volts that kills you. It's the amps.*

*Once again a lovely conversation at one of Write Ins regarding human beings and electrocution.
I’m one day behind from last year but I have successfully passed 50k with hitting the finish line tonight during our Johnston Write In.
Today was a lovely day, sunny outside to drive down to the Exeter Write In at the Library managed to fill up to four people. Two of us made it to 50k. Went to the Gym, cleaned out my box at Rah-CoCo’s and then went to the Johnston Write In at Brewed. One of semi-regulars even flew out to San Fran for the night of Writing Dangerously. Judging from the tweets from Boston, there’s a 24 hr Write In currently going on.
I’m happy to see our group is still so small. The pictures from Boston’s 2010 Write Ins looks like a logistical nightmare at first but some of those write ins are at a Conference Room at B+N which would be great in RI if they had Conference Rooms.
So far headcount wise: Warwick, Cranston and Johnston seem to be attracting a fair amount of people. Next year I’m going to look into Woonsocket/Cumberland/Middletown/Newport areas. Assuming Exeter will have us back next year, I wonder if Saturday Write Ins will be worth it or not since we have three of us last week and four of us this week.
So the current standing is:
The NaNoWrimo DEATH BAR count is:

I’m keeping the goal at 100000 because I figure a lot of what I wrote is complete crap and or could be shoved into the next book depending on how wide I want the scope of the current work in progress to span.
For those keeping score with what I’ve done already:
The WIP DEATH BAR count is:

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