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[NaNoWrimo] The headphones they do nothing!

Or, how I learned to embrace Weather Channel Jazz and powered through today to try and catch up with .
Saturday’s Write In at Exeter Library went well. For three people we had enough munchkins to smother an entire Kindergarten Class. Going to Exeter in the morning is much better than at night. I’m happy Exeter either doesn’t believe in light pollution or enjoys driving down Ten Rod Rd in the dark but damn is Ten Rod Rd dark at night.
The evening writing continued without a hitch. I’m happy to see %95 of the Writing Group has embraced Scrivener. And, most of this is without me harping on the application. It’s funny to see the Max Version is $5 higher than the Windows Version. The Windows Version has been recently updated, btw.
Sunday’s Write In at Panera continues to work out well, thankfully 2pm on a Sunday while busy is not as busy as noon, the looks we’re getting are less and less. The Weather Channel Jazz is the same.
One nugget of advice helped, switching the POV from the Hero instead to the Enemy. I’ve been doing that mine since I’ve stayed with the heroes for so long it’s time to bring out the villain and explain why the hell is he doing this to everyone.
The drop off I was expecting is happening here and there. It’s great to see the regulars growing.
Looks like two members of the Rhody Writers Group have finished manuscripts, one being the aforementioned
and now Jen B. Yet more evidence I need to finish mine.
The NaNoWrimo DEATH BAR count is:

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