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[NaNoWrimo] Weather Channel Jazz

The name of these posts come from bits and pieces of conversations with NaNoWrimos at our local Write Ins.
The title of this dove tails loverly into several aspects of Write Ins: Background music.
Since this November and dependent on the place you go to, music is a playin’. In our case on Thursday Night at Brewed Awakenings in South County it was 90’s and it felt like High School all over again.
Saturday night’s Brewed Awakenings was generally quieter than most since we have not approached what I like to call: Oh, wouldn’t it be fun to barrage our customers with the new Justin Beaver Christmas CD.
Panera in Cranston it was Weather Channel Jazz for half of our Write In and standard loud Jazz afterwards. Loud enough that all of us with headphones in our ears were complaining about it. Blasting the Imperial March was not helping.
Many times people don’t seem to care about this large group of people taking up the entire table with their laptops. Sometimes the occasional look from someone with a family of six was planning on using it but they find other seats and alls right in the world.
Today, our general randomness dice rolled a twenty and we had people asking us what classes we were studying for to people wanting to know how they can read our stuff to one even asking advice of how his own work was going.
Overall with this first week over, I think our Write In locations are going to work out well even if we’re maxing out at close to 10 people at every Write In. I’m happy more people are coming out, I’m just worried if it continues we’re going to run out space.
Next year, I’ve vowed to do a few things: First, get on Warwick Public Library and Newport Library earlier in the year and take up a collection to use Providence Public Library or Cumberland. That leaves Panera and Brewed for the weekends is the plan for 2012.
As for how the story is going, I’m close to the 13k range and adding that atop the 26k written pre-NaNoWrimo, I’m happy even if my numbers from last year were far higher than this year.
Now back to some writing before The Walking Dead arrive…

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