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Month: December 2011

[Television Review] District 17

District 17 should have existed just to see how long it would have lasted before it was Fireflied. (Yes, I made it up.)
District 17 created by Ron Moore was a one hour procedural that asked the question: What happens if we have no science but instead used magic instead.
The answer is Law & Order meets Harry Potter or if you’ve seen the fan made videos: The Aurors.
The idea while an interesting one hits and misses.

[Doctor Who Mini Review] The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe…

I enjoyed this Christmas Special better than last years and the year before and the year before. Ever since Christmas Invasion the tone of these specials has been old over the map from the stupid Racknoss to the loud and over blown Titanic Episode to the Scrooged-eseque episode from last year. The Christmas Ep with the fake Doctor wasn’t so shabby until Temple of Cyberman showed up with their giant steampunk Cyberman Robot.