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Month: December 2011

[Plotting About] Back to my roots*…

*Uttered by one of the RI Wrimos after delving back into her Harry Potter fanfic on our last Write In of 2011.
At our TGIO Party we passed around pages of our NaNo Novels and one of the members of the Rhody Writing Group suggested that Chapter Six was better before I changed it.
The change was not so subtle instead of crashing on an alien world, our hero is snatched away from certain death by pirates, dumped in the brig and later their ship comes under attack, bordered by suicide bombers, subsequently blow up and tumbles out the sky with our hero watching in horror. The idea is still sound but its too much for the book even if it expands the universe.
I looked back on the original Chapter Six, found it, edited it back in and looked for Chapters Seven and Eight which I wrote this summer but removed once Chapter Six took a new route.

[Movie Trailers] The Cabin in the Woods Trailer

Let’s all say it Whedonites: Fraking. Finally.
The Cabin in the Woods were written/produced by enough Mutant Enemy peeps that looking back on it, the movie’s release date was probably in jeopardy before the first scene was shot.
I have to say, after reading the script, it was gonna be a fun movie.
Course, I read the script in and around ’09/’10 and the movie has just now been given a hall pass to leave Development Hell.

Yeh, this sums it up. Not mine, btw.

The Trailer dropped today after the poster dropped over the weekend.

[Book Review] Ganymede by Cherie Priest

With NaNoWrimo now over, we now return to our normal broadcasting like book reviews!
Cherie Priest‘s fourth novel set in the Clockwork Century Universe deals with the city of New Orleans, Texas, Air Pirates, Zombis and a submarine called Ganymede.
Several characters from the other books make their appearance in this book from Seattle Crew from Boneshaker (which has just been optioned to be made into a movie) to new characters.
And, for the most part it works and for the most part it does not.