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The obligatory 2011/2012 post…

Well, since everyone seems to be doing it, time to jump off a cliff…

2011 saw the birth of Rhody Writers Group and a subsequent editing of the current work in progress began which continues since I’ll be throwing it under the bus with our January Meeting.
Went to San Diego Comic Con for probably the last time. Nothing wrong with the trip itself. Posted a few pictures that made the front page of CNN iReports. Just too many lines and too many people. And, still no podcasting of panels I couldn’t get into.
I’m aiming for DragonCon or Emerald City Con or NYCC for 2013.
The WIP DEATH BAR count is:

For 2012…
Expand on the Rhody Writing Group concept and schedule a write in once a month for people who want to get away from the noise and write in peace and quiet for a few hours.
Get faster with the writing since it’s taken me 12 months to get 31k words done. Finish the current WIP and start working on my Zombie WIP. Probably give self publishing a shot.
Find some way to work, write, exercise, play XBox and get sleep.
Save up money to go somewhere in 2013, see Cons above. Emerald City is winning out since I’ve never been to Seattle.

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