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Month: January 2012

[Plotting About] End of January…

So with the end of January upon is, felt it was time for an update.
Rhody Writer’s Group continues to roll along to a good degree. Happy to hear some the attendees have gotten past the writers block and are actually writing.
One year ago we should have had our first meeting, I’d blame the snow but it never materialized. And, after much workshopping from both the Rhody Writing Group and once through the wringer with the Worcester Writing Group the current count on the WIP is:
The WIP DEATH BAR count is:

I’m going to give myself until the end of February to finish it.
One of the Rhody Writing Group’s own is going to be epublishing one of her books through Smashwords. I’ll probably be following her once I finish the novel. I think I’ll use Extended Imagery for the cover.
Lastly, TempleCon is next weekend. Looks like a fun con and it’s local which boggles my mind it’s been going for 5 years and I didn’t know about it.

[Television] Quick thoughts on Sherlock Series 2…

A quick review about Sherlock Series 2 that just finished airing on BBC and should appearing on PBS Masterpiece in May 2012.
Series 1 re-airs the 15, 22, 29 of this month in case anyone missed it.
I enjoyed Series 2 a bit more than Series 1 because the drop off of Moffat written episodes was not as bad as Series 1. The zingers between the two leads really drove this Series home and the introduction of Irene Adler and the continuing Moriarty plot helped broaden the world without it make the stories too far fetched.
The finale was different in the fact it was small while the movie and the original series adapted from Doyle’s books the television series covered different ground between Moriarty and Holmes. The finale was aptly named and unlike the movie does not go anywhere near Switzerland except in a brief cameo of the painting. The Deer Stalker Cap can be called a Death Frisbee and Sherlock is slowly learning to filter what he says, sort of.
I liked the idea of what happens when a Consulting Criminal such as Moriarty gets bored or what happens when a Consulting Detective looks to be creating his own cases. It has a certain which came first quality: Batman or the criminals in Arkham.
The nice thing about it all was the final episode did not top the previous episodes and used the core cast without introducing too many new guests.
I wonder if the hour and half format would make Doctor Who better or worse. I enjoy the extra half hour, personally. It doesn’t feel like they’re rushing to finish the story.
Gonna be a long wait between series…