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Month: February 2012

[Plotting About] One year ago…

One year ago Rhody Writing Group had it’s first meet up and we’re continuing to chug along quite happily I think.
I’m glad to see repeat people along with new faces and half of them know Doctor Who so they can’t all be bad.
The WIP DEATH BAR count is:

Well, curb stomping the K was for the better. The overall genre of the story has been science fiction and as much as I would love to label it: Game of Thrones in Space I don’t see a need to bloat the story just because. The 7k would have expanded the universe but for right now, it’s not needed.
I’m happy to see I’m 40k ahead of where I was last year, the writing group(s) that have given me feedback has made it better than it was.

[Plotting About] Act One: done. Onward to Act Two…

WIP update:
The WIP DEATH BAR count is:

Act One is done.
Onwards to Act Two which is full of K from NaNoWrimo this year which means I foresee a lot of editing to get rid of K I don’t need since I don’t feel like moving my target goal into the 120k range.
I think 110k is a nice in between.
I doubt I’ll make my imposed deadline for the end of the month but the deadline was nice to have since I had to power through the end of Act One.