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Month: March 2012

[Movie Review] John Carter

Going into this movie I knew little about A Princess of Mars written by Norman Bean aka Edgar Rice Burroughs, besides a few pictures from Frank Frazetta and possibly even Frank Cho.
What I do know about the movie, John Carter is the trailers weren’t that good until recently and after seeing the movie, I can understand why Disney had not a clue how to market this movie.

[Plotting About] Welcome to Smarch*…

So with my original deadline of February behind us time to reset the ole deadline machine to the end of March.
Looks like SDCC Tickets sold out this morning. I’m going to be focusing on either Dragon Con or Emerald City Con for 2013.
Next week is busy: Mass Effect 3 drops, Apple Announcement on iPad 3, yearly all employee meeting, Mother’s Birthday, a shindig at my bro’s, Daylight Savings Time kicking in and the 1 year anniversary of finding out my writing cohort in crime, Paul C decided to take his own life.
The WIP K BAR count is:

Chapter 13 is finished and still being revised. So far so good.
*And, in case anyone was wondering where the term Smarch came from: