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[Movie Trailer] Prometheus Videos…

This is going to be a video heavy post so I’m going to put it behind the cut…
03-18-12 – Updated to include the UK Trailer w/ new footage.

Can I just say this: Fuck. Yes. This is how you do it. The teaser and the 30 second teaser to the teaser did not grind my gears, I enjoyed watching them because it showed behind the scene footage which I love. Looking at the full trailer I have to say I’ll be happy to go back into the theater and watch an Alien movie.
To give you an idea of why I’m so happy, the first Alien movie I saw was Alien 3, the last was AVP. ‘Nuff said.
Quality is the word I’m going to associate with this trailer.
I’m going to embed a few videos, first is the Ted Talk with Guy Pierce, second is the IMAX Trailer that was released last night in low definition, the Yutani Viral Video then the full trailer for Prometheus.
If you follow me on Twitter then you can probably skip the videos since I shared these already on Google+, FB and Twitter.
TED Talk 2023

IMAX Trailer

Yutani Viral Video

Full Trailer

Full UK Trailer (with more footage)

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