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Month: May 2012

[Plotting About] May's Metrics…

I haven’t posted any metrics as of late because I went back through some of the feedback from the Rhody Writers Group and decided chapters 6, 7, 8 needed some adjustments.
And, I gutted chapter 9 and tried it from a different angle, that of the villains of the book instead of keeping it with the heroes for so long. In the end, I hope I covered the same ground, expanded the universe and introduced the villains earlier.
Chapters 10-14 are looking good. Chapter 13 had the return of Mindy’s arc and now Chapter 15 hers and Spencer’s arc are moving to intersect.
I had a wild idea to try and finish this for Viable Paradise and submit it but I don’t foresee myself finishing it by the deadline of June 15.
Camp NaNoWrimo is starting in in June and August.
Current count:
The WIP K BAR count is:

Not so bad since this time last year I was at 11k.