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[Plotting About] June's Metrics and ramblin'…

So with June halfway gone and July soon approaching, the metrics look like this:
The WIP K BAR count is:

The Rhody Writing Group unanimously said: Yeh, we need info dump, new characters are too much and the other things that made great sense.
So, Chapter 9 gets a re-write, again and probably 10 as well.
The Clarion Write-A-Thon begins next week. I decided to participate to see if it’ll help get through these chapters. The Write-A-Thon coincides with the Clarion Sci-Fi & Fantasy Workshop. My writer’s profile page is here.

And, for some reason there’s a Clarion West Write-A-Thon which makes this even odder.
The Gotham Writing On-Line Workshop for Sci-Fi and Fantasy has my eye. The June class is full but I’m looking at the August on-line class.
In other news, the Quonset Airshow had a good weekend. I went in late on Saturday and starting using my new 70mm-200mm IS L Lens and have to say with some practice it’s well worth the money spent. The only downside is swapping lens when I get closer to objects and after looking at some of the other L lens on cameras around me, I have to say some people dropped 2k+ for the 28-300 L IS. I posted a few photos to my Facebook timeline, I’ll be post the rest to Flickr shortly.
The Airshow as a whole has gotten better even if the planes on static display are disappearing only to replaced by food carts and climbing walls for the kids. The aerial displays were fun to watch I enjoyed the T-6’s the most since they weren’t tiny aerobatic planes. No offense to those aerobatic acts it’s just: I like heritage fly overs, I like different acts, refueling by big jets and maybe even the occasional sail plane. The jet truck and combined arms demo is fun to watch but give me something else that doesn’t include a soundtrack that drops from rock to Star Wars to Battlestar Galactica.
The Portsmouth-Boston Airshow in 2 weeks looks divine, unfortunately, I’m busy. Judging from the acts, I strongly recommend going.
On the tech front, I decided to take the plunge and get a retina Mac Book Pro. It should be arriving just in time for vacation in July. The biggest reason for buying it: the iPad just didn’t have the word processor functionality I needed. It’s to the ebook functionality and the web browsing portability. There are some great word processing apps don’t get me wrong but my work flow switching back and forth between app and Word. That and just pulling out the laptop from my bag instead of the iPad mount and keyboard will be nice.
Quick writing links: Pixar Story Rules.
Looking ahead to November, dunno if I’m going to be ML for NaNoWrimo. Figure I’ll decide while I’m break in July and if I decide to take a step back notify everyone.

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