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[Movie Review] Ted

What happens when @sethmacfarlane decides to write and direct live action: You get a $50+ million Rated R blockbuster.

If you hate Family Guy’s irreverence and gross out humor then go see Brave. I would have told the couple with the four kids next to me the same thing but thankfully the kids were well behaved. Honestly, who brings their kids to a rated R movie?
Digressing from my movie going experience, I saw the movie in a smaller theater with a packed crowd that knew exactly what they were getting into. With New Englanders you say Family Guy and half the theater is going to be packed.
Ted is a story about a John Bennett’s childhood wish that he has a friend and in this case it’s a giant teddy bear that looks like Teddy Ruxpin’s old, naked, brother. Well, wishes come true and Ted is introduced to John’s family, mother played by Family Guy alumni Alex Borstein and the reactions are priceless not just from the family but from the news casters.
Well, years pass and the novelty has warn off and John, played by Mark Walberg and Ted voiced by Seth MacFarland are living with Lori played by another Family Guy/Robot Chicken Alumni Mila Kunis and the boys are still enjoying getting high, watching Flash Gordon and going to work late while Lori is working at a PR Firm and getting hit on by her annoying boss, played by Joel McHale.
John works at a rental car agency and while both he and Lori have their gaggle of friends, the gaggles is painted unfortunately with broad strokes. Patrick Warburton is given the most backstory so it can play out through the rest of the movie during laugh out loud moments that lead to the overall theme of the movie: Ted needs to get out of the house so John and Lori can move on with their lives.
Ted getting a job at the local grocery store is probably one of the better plots since the more times he does horrendously, horrible, sexual things with produce the more times he doesn’t get fired.
A few reviewers had found the additional stalking of Ted plot belonging to Giovanni Ribisi’s Rex to be out of left field or not enough but I felt it was just enough without going overboard. For the one hour and fifty-five minute movie Ted did not feel like a bloated movie. Besides, I can see someone trying to steal a living, talking, bear to give to their son. Even if that person dances ala Silence of the Lambs to a Tiffany number.
Along with the Family Guy Alums showing up, there are a few Family Guy-style flashbacks but not enough to feel like an episode. I was happy to see the Airplane flashback dance number that I swear only half the audience even remembered.
The Bostonian setting was great to see and the finale at Fenway Park was a great idea. Part of me wishes they had filmed in Rhode Island as originally planned but things fell through and up to Bahhhhston they went.
Let’s touch briefly on the CGI of Ted. It did not suck and it looked like a real talking, stuffed, bear was moving around, talking and generally making out with Jessica Barth. Like Paul’s alien, the CGI work was well done.
Lastly, the movie is bookended with a laugh out loud voice over by American Dad Alumni Patrick Stewart. Overall, the movie does not over stay its welcome. Hopefully, after making some bank at the box office, it would be nice to see a sequel.

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