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[Plotting About] July's Metrics and ramblin'…

So, combination of the Clarion Write-A-Thon, word sprints suggested by Jane Espenson on twitter and getting the new laptop has produced some good results.

The laptop so far has worked out extremely well, I used a time capsule back up from my 6-7 year old Powerbook and have been updating old applications here and there, my iTunes Library and Photos haven’t been moved over, yet.
So far the good: Good battery life, quiet machine and shiny screen.
And, the bad if you enjoy modding your gear: The ram is soldered onto the motherboard and the battery is nowhere near as easily replaceable as my Powerbook but I’m fine with the trade offs.
The only thunderbolt dongle I had to buy was for the ethernet wire, thankfully my firewire drives came with USB wires.
For those who use their mac books at cafes, the waiting for Speck or Incase to get hardshell cases is taking forever.
On the manuscript front: Managed to bang out 5k since the beginning of the Write-A-Thon.
Nowhere near as good a NaNoWrimo numbers but the words are filling in background that explains what’s going on for the last few chapters.
The WIP K BAR count is:

(not including the 5k that needs to be merged)
Speaking of NaNoWrimo, I decided to pull the trigger early and step down from Municipal Liaison. I’ll still be going to the write ins on occasion but will be happy not to be organizing them due to shrinking space available in the Rhode Island Area.
I had mentioned last post looking at one of the Gotham Writing courses and pulled the trigger on the August Course. Once the 10 week course is over it brings us close to NaNoWrimo time.
On the comic book front: it’s nice to see Rhode Island Comic Con is happening on November 3+4! Finally, using the Providence Convention Center for a Convention and a lot of guests, too.
I dunno, no airfare, no hotel and it’s 15 minute drive from my house.
Lastly, San Diego Comic Con is a week away. So, here are some links of mine from previous years for prep for the Con: 2011 and 2010.
I realize I haven’t been posting much in the last few months and I’ll probably change that soon. I’ve switched the RSS feeds to include the entire post.
That’s about it.

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