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[Plotting About] August's Metrics

The alternate title to this post: Where the frack did July go and why I hate Chapter 8!
Welcome to August. Four months until Christmas/New Years, three months until NaNoWrimo.
And a week until the Gotham Writing Workshop on Sci-Fi and Fantasy starts.
Oh, and Camp NaNoWrimo started this month, too.
On the life front, July blew by with a week in lovely Claremont, NH at the North Star House. Going from the oldest resort town to a farming/mill town of Claremont was a little bit of a jolt. For one, no light pollution! Except from the train across the road. Oh, and I did I mention the coyotes? I can say I swam from NH to VT on the CT River and had a fun time.
I’ll be posting pictures to flickr soon. The ones I posted to Facebok weren’t tweek as much as they should have been.
On the writing front, the writing group suggested I tweak chapter 8. Spent the last few days at the library re-writing and adjusting as I go.
The postings may become more frequent due to the Gotham Writing Workshop. As much as I tried to use Clarion to get some traction the July vacation while enjoyable did nothing to help my word count.
The WIP K BAR count is:

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