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Day: October 7, 2012

[Plotting About] October's Metrics, Gotham Writing Course and NaNoWrimo

We’re now into the final week of the Gotham Writing Course and have to say I’m glad I took the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Workshop.
The Workshop is set up with a weekly lecture followed by homework from the lecture and lastly the writers are given two chances in the booth. The booth is similar to what many writing groups do where the writer submits a piece and is not allowed to respond for at least 5 days.
The feedback I received was great and brought up some good points like: the first chapter is a wee bit slow to pay off.
So, I went in, gutted chapter 1 and moved the story a head a bit and introduced one of the main characters early and I thought it went pretty well. So, I submitted it again and several POV errors popped up so I revised it and managed to keep most of Chapter 2’s action. I now have a better looking chapter one that encompasses the same characters but puts the readers in the action early.
With Chapter 1 locked down, revising Chapter 2-3 now.
For now the word count is lower but if the work reads better so I’m not complaining.
The WIP K BAR count is:

Shifting gears a bit, NaNoWrimo is 3 weeks away and I had hope to have the WIP done by now but no such luck. One of the exercises from Gotham was to plot out a story from magazine articles so I might try my hand at Moon Base Adventure Idea.
A NaNoWrimo communication check is in order for those who haven’t updated their bookmarks:
RI’s NaNoWrimo LJ Community
RI’s Wrimo’s FB Page
RI’s Wrimo Twitter Feed
RI’s NaNoWrimo Message Board
Andy will be ML this year while I step back which is probably for the best due to a job shift at work may be coming up soon.
And, if anyone is looking for software to try out during NaNoWrimo Scrivner is free for the first month. And, if you make it to 50k and validate by the end of November the software will discounted.
PC/Linux Version.
Mac Version.