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Day: October 27, 2012

[Plotting About] Frankenstorm and NaNoWrimo…

I thought we had run out of stupid names for storms.
Apparently I was wrong.
While Hurricane Sandy rolls up the coast, calls on Facebook have gone out looking for D Batteries. Double A batteries they got, but D Batteries, uh uh.
brought up a good point in her post: If Jim Cantore shows up in your neighborhood: it’s over.
So with enough water, TP, paper towels, a twelve pack of pop tarts and 24 pack of AA batteries, my car gassed up, all the lawn furniture inside and the trash cans next on the list, I hope the house is secured. The pumps and hoses from 4 years ago are at the ready in the basement.
Hopefully the snow they are predicting for the middle of the week doesn’t materialize.
With NaNoWrimo upon us next week I’ll be post more than I have been recently. I may have stepped back from coordinator duties but I’ll still be going to some of the write ins and going to be writing about an idea I came up with during my Gotham Writing Course.
I’ve been playing catch up with the Self Publishing Podcast and highly recommend it if you are thinking of self publishing. There is a good post on Johnny B. Truant’s blog on how he conceived and wrote his latest novella Fat Vampire in 29 days.
Johnny has freely admitted to not getting it heavily edited, a step in this process that I, my entire family, my writing group and the Gotham Writing Group have said needs to be done before I submit anything.