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[NaNoWrimo] T-Minus 1 Day…

So with Hurricane Sandy now gone, things can get back to normal, maybe.
New York, New Jersey and Southern Rhode Island was struck the most by the storm. Houses went into the sea, restaurants damaged and subways under water. Entire neighborhoods went up in flames, parts of the power grid in NYC went down, front end of buildings dropped, cars floated down the road and six inches of sand now cover much of the costal roads in Jersey.
It was 2012 without Jack Gyllenhaal and the spaceships.
Thankfully my neck of the woods did not get hit, tree limbs are down here and there but nothing like Newport, Charlestown or Wakefield.
Last year’s storm hit NYC and people thought it was once a century storm and now used pumps from the Panama Canal are trying to pump out the subways.
I look at the Hurricane Barrier at Providence, just spitting distance from my brother’s old apartment and wonder if the same type of technology installed in the 60’s can help out Jersey and York.
If anyone was thinking of doing a disaster movie novel set in NYC just start mainlining the 24/7 new channels now, even if they do repeat footage it’s still a sight to see what happens to a major metropolitan city when mother nature drops a late storm on your door step for the 2nd year in a row to the date.
I’ve been waiting for Tobias Buckell to weight in all this but he may not have power.
Oh, and let’s not forget that Disney bought Lucas Film for 4 billion dollars. Insert your own Dr. Evil finger to the mouth if you wish.
I think the only geek thing Disney has to buy is the BBC and they’ll would have cornered the market.
In other news, Halloween is soon upon us, it means only one thing: NaNoWrimo in 1 more day!

I’ll be putting the work in progress on hold to work on one of two ideas I worked on during the Gotham Writing Workshop Classes: Either the one about zombies in space or how does one handle becoming a god among men. Each idea tickles my fancy.
I recommend getting that dropbox account now to back yer stuff up. Trust me. You’ll be thanking me later.
Last thing: Rhode Island Comic Con this weekend. With NYC out of commission should be interesting to see how many people show up. The subways are one thing getting the planes back into position is another…

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