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[NaNoWrimo] Unicorn Love*

Don’t look at me I didn’t come up with the subject line.
*Blame the Pot Luck Kick Off for the subject line.

The meet up at Providence’s Anthenaeum Library went extremely well. Having never been inside I have to say if I ever lived in the area it would be my new stomping ground just as the Warwick Public Library has become.
Roughly twenty of us showed up for the potluck write in. Introductions followed and we found out that one of us has a 3 book deal with TOR stemming from her 2007 NaNoWrimo.
Here are some photos:

Every year we have these write ins and every single year it’s something that makes the year. Back in 2006 we had beat poetry with jokes about Muppets and fisting, another year it was Avon meetings.
This year: Steel Drums.

Overall, I am very happy with Providence location. If we keep to the Sundays then it’s free on street parking so long as you can find it.
As for the current word count, I think I over extended myself, taking a second Gotham Writing Course has its ups and downs. The up is I met different people. The down is doing homework/booth review then trying to do NaNo and I’m going into training next week for technical support.
So, 2012 may be a repeat of 2008. My writing by the seat of the pants is killing my untitled moon story. Either it’s time to back burner it or putter along with it while I fill in missing pages on my work in progress.
My word count isn’t worth a Word Bar.
Meanwhile is cresting 27k.

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