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[Plotting About] December's Metrics

So with NaNoWrimo in the rear view, training at work complete and Gotham Writing Course SF&F II winding down it’s time to take a look and see where I stand.
NaNoWrimo helped a bit with moving the current work in progress along, I managed to flesh out a few Melinda Chapters from last year and almost done getting her and Spencer in the same place. The original idea had been to rotate chapters between Spencer and Melinda, even and odd but I’m finding spending three chapters on one character and three on the other seems to be working out better.
2013 will mark the third year I’ve been working on this and I plan to get it done in the next few months.
In the meantime, I’ve been gobbling up Hugh Howie‘s Wool series in between critiquing the works from SF&F II Class and tweaking things with the Rhody Writers Group.
My hope is these tweaks will invite more people to contribute without having to drive so much.
The WIP K BAR count is:

First is a required minimum of works before a physical meet up is scheduled
Second is using Google Drive as a on-line resource to comment on critiques.
On the movie front: Skyfall gets an A from me. Hobbit gets a B.
On the 2013 front: Going out to Seattle to Emerald City Con and to see my brother since he moved out there and bought a house.
And, sometime in June looking at going down to New Orleans to take some photos while Montilee Stormer directs her first short film.
After Earth, Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, Warm Bodies and Star Trek: Into Darkness and Oblivion are on the list for next year.

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