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[Plotting About] Into 2013 we go…

Two weeks into 2013, the snow is melting, it’s going to be fifty next week and Randall Flagg is couch surfing across America.

Successfully survived the holidays. Got some good presents.
Enjoying the new position at work.
The writing front had been slow as of late.
The multiple holidays, the training for the new position at work and the Gotham Writing Course is spread my time.
The overall problem is not having a firm ending to the book written down even though I’ve gone through two beat sheets already. One of which had enough plot points to stuff into three books.
I think I hate trying to synopsis anything because it feels like I’m not doing anything even through I am.
And, re-writing chapter two+three so they’re more reader friendly is kicking my ass. The feedback from the group is completely right, I need to slow things down.
On the plus side, I excised a section that opened up the universe a bit but it was too much so it’s been moved to book 2 so long as I get book 1 done. It merged two chapters together so I’m all for it.
And one of the flashbacks I used was well liked so I may do that again for the chapter that was just boring talking head info dump.
In the meantime between working my schedule, I’ve been filling in backstory for characters and re-organizing my background files so I can find names, places and who’s whose kid or father at a moment’s notice.
I decided to splurge and get a Bose noise canceling headset and it’s working out pretty well between Panera and the Library.
No word count since chapter 2 hasn’t been re-written yet…

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