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[Digital Freedom] The #veronicamars kickstarted…

Sometime before 9pm last night the official Veronica Mars movie was funded on Kickstarter.
And, it has 29 days to go.
I guess Veronica in Space is a go then?
I’ve funded a few things a Kickstarter, mostly books and even a H. P. Lovecraft con in Rhode Island.
So, will this open the doors to more projects and do what The Guild did for independent web series?
Excellent question.
Firstshowing.net‘s post covers most of the bases including the elephant in the room that is Firefly.
I think using Kickstarter to fund your project and Youtube to roll it you have a great one two punch just ask Geek & Sundary, Neridst and more.
The tools have been here for a while but the only thing one would need to worry about is the execution.
Good execution and you’ll blast it out of the park.
If you stumble and fall then it’ll be a costly learning experience but a experience none the less.
Wouldn’t mind seeing a Slingers Kickstarter project, the trailer looked fun.

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