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Month: June 2013

[Movie Review] World War Z

World War Z and The Zombie Survivor Guide written by Max Brooks, son of Mel Brooks was the highlight of NaNoWrimo one year since so many of us were doing zombie novels.
It is by no means your standard zombie novel since most of the book is told in flashback. So it’s understandable that when the movie is made it will take some liberties. Let’s be honest we all know “adapted from” can go one of three ways: Harry Potter Books 1+2 level of detail to switching the ending in Jaws to make it better or to World War Z where, well, look at the graph below:
(Image courtesy of The Oatmeal via Blastr)

[Plotting About] June Metrics…

So we’re one month away from SDCC and my 20th High School Reunion!
And I think I’m on course to finish around July 1st.
Things have been going well.
My new hours at work are helping a bit more since I’m now working eight hour fives days a week instead of ten hour four days a week. One day less off but one hour home sooner and one hour later into work.
The Where Weavers Daire K BAR count is:

Have been finishing chapters and putting them into Scrivener to see how it looks.
Plan is for now to finish it. Get it edited. Query agents and see what happens and/or self publish.