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Day: July 4, 2013

[#SDCC] Looking ahead, Thursday's Schedule drops…

San Diego Comic-Con International is now less than two weeks away and Thursday’s Schedule has dropped.
A lot of television show previews to stand in line for if you’re able. Looks like Person of Interest is the Hotel Keycard for this year.
PLI Art Specs 2009 All_Layout 1
For those lucky enough to get tickets the news of convention exclusives and off site meet ups like The Nerd Machine taking over Petco Park since once again there’s no baseball going on that week has been doubling by the day.
Seanan McGuire posted a SDCC List last week and I’ll point to 2011’s post regarding do’s and don’ts and from 2010.
I’ll be doing a run down of panels like I did in 2011 once Sunday’s list drops.
Here’s hoping the 2hr pre-reg line from Emerald City doesn’t repeat itself at SDCC…

[Movie Review] The Lone Ranger

This will be a short review since Native Appropriations Review covers most of my review for me along with all the other reviews you’ve read.
What a waste of two hours and half. Not a waste of air conditioning though.
This will not be a waste of Paulie C’s WTF did I just watch movie award.
What a waste of Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. Here’s hoping the Man from U.N.C.L.E. is better.
Visually great. The first act set it all up, middle act was too bloated and could have easily cut a large set piece out and the finale was worth it.
Do not bring the kids to this “PG-13” film.