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[#sdcc] 3 days to go…

With three days to go before Comic-Con is upon what should you be doing or done by now?

0. Update SDCC App on your phone. Yep, they updated within the last 4 days. It’s far from perfect see item #8.
1. Confirm with the hotel your reservations and where your stuff can be shipped to if you’re shipping your costume.
2. Print out all of your receipts for the items you pre-ordered. Badges. T-Shirts. Tickets to podcasts like Nerdist or Aisha Tyler’s. Anything that requires paper receipt now’s the time. Put it in a folder or paperclip and put it in your carry on.
3. Re-confirm your seats on the airline and time of your flight.
4. Remember everything metal in your pockets goes in your carry on except your id and ticket. This quickens up the already heinous line through TSA.
5. Buy the giant bottle of water after TSA and not before.
6. If you’re bringing your laptop and a decent camera whether it’s DSLR or not: time to make room for new photos. Don’t wait. Start moving things. Now. Charge those batteries and get those SD cards ready.
6a. Save yourself some grief, an iPad doesn’t count as a camera. iPhone is fine but not an iPad.
7. If you’re going iPad only and need to drop photos onto it check to see if your camera has a mobile app. The Canon mobile connect app takes a bit to setup but once you got the settings down it’s smooth a silk. No wires involved.
8. SDCC has provided a Quick Guide. 40 page PDF. I’m suggesting this over the SDCC app since the app relies too heavily on the website instead of putting the maps into the app itself. Go download it and the restaurant guide and 8 pages of maps. Warning PDF Links.
9. Remember: There is a FedEx/Kinkos Store in the Convention Center. And they’re all rubbing their hands together with glee about the amount of stuff you’ll need to ship home.
10. Print out your Mysched list now. Figure out which panel is your primary, secondary and tertiary.
11. Comfortable shoes.
12. A good bag for your gear. After three years I think I’ve found a good one to carry my DSLR, two lenses and an iPad. Along with misc. other things like charger wires and the print outs from item #2 without killing my shoulder.
13. Get a good night’s sleep.
14. Pack sunscreen and a hat.

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