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[#sdcc] Preview Night

Welcome back to continuing coverage of Nerd Prom 2013.
Preview Night last for 3 hours and gives you a look of you’re facing for the next four days.
Yep. It looks like this. See, I just saved you a boat load of money by staying home.
Repeat after me: Stream it and they will pay.

Breakfast begins in the time honored tradition of Defiance Cafe. Something that only has to be done once since while the food is excellent the prices are to be laughed at.
This is the calm before the storm. The photo booth from 2011 is sorely missed.
Once breakfast is over it’s time to find the grocery store for food. Even in the grocery store people are decked out in comic shirts.
Lunch passes and by the time 3pm rolls around it’s time we wait for the trains to pass, I grab this image that is neither Sam Raimi or Darkman.
And even though it’s no where near as hot as it was in Rhode Island right now, I’m glad I brought the hat.
Badge Pick Up is easier then ever so long as you got one in the first place. The traffic flow of the Convention Center has never been the greatest. The direction of the flow makes about as much sense as a screen door on a submarine.
Once I got my badge and my Lego Movie Bag it was off to the Marriott to get my t-shirt along with everyone else and for a good hour or more we inched along and what could only be a Death Star Trench with lovely floral arrangements.
The couple in front of me were first timers and both were geeks so a good time was had by all.
The Fed Ex man had come and gone by the time I got back.
Once the doors open the lines all but disappear unless you’re crossing the rail tracks while a train goes by. The tracks have been taken over by the Dothraki this year. I miss the Klingon iconography. Can we get a My Little Pony for 2014?
It gets better once you’re inside.
Okay that was small lie.
I had a list of things to get. The first was the gun belt I purchased from etsy months ago and lo and behold it was there! At the Enterprise-D bridge reconstruction booth. Yep the irony knows no bounds.
There are several booths that have become gawkers blocks. The Sideshow Collectables Booth always brings their A Game and many marriages die here. They’ve gotten smarter this year: a lot of the signs under the collectables says: TBD.
The booth for Weta is happy to see the Elysium presence is understated. With the movie coming out in three weeks I’d have thought a bigger booth would be good idea but a comic con presence can be a double edged sword.
Marvel’s booth lacks the order the SHIELD Bridge Consoles brought in 2011. The Asgardian Guard is a nice touch. I’d like to see a bigger treasure room than just the hammer. Anything to top all the Stark Armors from last year.
The end of the day come back to where we began except far more busier.
A few last notes: The other photos that I took will be going up onto Flickr once I get home. And there will be some photo repetition between my twitter feeds and these posts.
Remember that Canon EOS Remote Control app I mentioned? Put the camera on the kitchen counter and came out a-ok. Only downside is the app is iPhone only.

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