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[Web Series] Video Game High School Season 2…

The Guild has shown year after year that if you create, finance and stream it the they will watch. Under the Geek & Sundry banner they’ve partnered with Youtube to bring out content that is refreshing to say the least.
There have been other web series as well, Standard Action, Freddie W’s Rocketjump series of shorts that is essentially ten to fifteen minutes worth of an action movie. Halo’s Forward Unto Dawn was a web series on a big budget. And let’s not forget granddaddy Red Vs. Blue.
While The Guild is focused on the massive multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG) Video Game High School embraces console gaming.
The cast of characters is occupied with different genres from first person shooters (FPS) to Racing to Music. Each episode had just enough drama and pixel violence thrown in to keep me occupied during SDCC.
It’s great to see RPGs and cart racing will be covered in Season 2. It be nice to see RTS make an appearance.
The length of the episodes has been expanded upon as well from under ten minutes to thirty so it’s more like a television show.
Season 1 can be found here while Episode 1 of Season 2 just dropped this morning.

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