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Day: August 1, 2013

[#doctorwho] The rise of the twelfth will be televised.

On the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the eleventh, when no living creature can speak falsely or fail to answer, a Question will be asked. A question that must never, ever be answered. The Question is just “Doctor Who?”
So the big news of the weekend is BBC and BBC America will be doing a live show to announce the actor playing the twelfth Doctor. At 2pm ET we will know who takes over Matt Smith’s shoes!
My mother is happier than the rest of you, trust me.
Everyone else remember four years ago when we just got a picture? Like this one?
Don’t get me wrong I love the fact that BBC/BBC America’s advertising machine has gotten up the speed. I’m wondering if we’re reaching Apple Keynote levels of hysteria. Or is Hall H without the lines?
It should come as no surprise the Doctor has a randomizer, er, reality distortion field.
The Time Lord’s golden handcuffs are tighter than most, I fear. Having nothing to do with the actor/actress but more to do with the writers and the fact this is still considered a children’s show.
When this new season, the new Doctor and the writing staff debut I’m going to give them a chance but if this next season turns out like last season then we got problems.
Having seen Matt Smith twice during The Nerdist’s SDCC Podcast he seemed to have his feet on the ground.
SDCC - Robert Bentley -- 2013-07-22.jpg
He was the nicest to people from recording someone’s marriage proposal to donating to a fan who had had her wallet and bags stolen.
SDCC - Robert Bentley -- 2013-07-22.jpg
As Smith’s era comes to a close I think his seasons flowed better than the end of Tennant’s even if I liked Tennant’s portrayal more than Smith’s. Tennant’s truncated final season was okay with the season finale making up for it. It’s a pity his era didn’t get the advertising push Smith’s is receiving right now.
Here’s hoping the next regeneration goes smoother than fan reaction when the 50th Anniversary Trailer was not released after SDCC.