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[Plotting About] August's Metrics

Would appear as though I completely forgot to post metrics in July.

I’m throughly behind on posting SDCC pictures to Flickr.
I do have a draft of a post regarding cosplaying as Malcolm Reynolds which I’ll post sometime this week. I decided to add pictures since it’s all text and that’s rather boring.
Had a lovely birthday meal at Chapel Grill last week followed by a birthday trip for my NaNoWrimo word war buddy, Lindsay to Six Flags of New England. As evidence from my twitter/instagram/FB photo feed a fun time was had by all.
It was recommended to bring plastic baggies for my phone/wallet/keys and I will repeat the recommendation. If you go on the water rides like the white water rafting you’re gonna need it. And bring comfortable shoes since I repeated my morning 5 mile walk around Six Flags.
And first thing last: I decided to quit my day job to focus on writing/graphic design full time.
During all this I re-designed the Air Ventures Flight School Website.
RKB Studios website is being updated bit by bit.
Meanwhile, in noveling news . . .
The Where Weavers Daire K BAR count is:

The numbers have not moved much since July since I hit a dry patch and decided to stop pantsing and plan the rest of the manuscript. I figure I’m around 90k with another 20k to go.
Pantsing a sci-fi manuscript is not the bestest of things to go. After working on it for 2 years you’d think I’d learn that by now. The vague outline I’ve been following was something I had hashed out during last NaNoWrimo but I didn’t focus on it as well as I should have.
I tried pantsing a new spec sci-fi idea last NaNoWrimo that I brainstormed during the Gotham Writing Course and I got less than 5k into it and had to stop. Not enough prep work to even think about it.
I’d written out a beat sheet and found the direction I was leaning towards was too much. I did manage to get a scene between the unnamed villain and Melinda which is going to survive.
As much I liked the chapter and half worth of plot I found the world building along with the introduction to additional characters wasn’t moving the book fast enough since the book has entered the beginning of Act 3.
This elimination of plot lines may sound familiar. I did the same thing at the beginning of the book and took out a C Plot that while expanded the universe will be used elsewhere.
My deadline is the end of August then release to my beta readers to find the spelling errors. Revise and then send out query letters.
Scrivener has been an immense help with shifting chapters around.
I may post some writing links around mid-week . . .

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