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Day: October 6, 2013

[Movie Review] Gravity

I’m not going to ruin Gravity for you. I will recommend not watching the trailers, either. The TV ads show enough but the two minute trailer won’t ruin it but I highly recommend going into this movie cold.
I will say that James Cameron and Buzz Aldrin are raving about it. And, rightfully so.
I saw it 3-D IMAX and the only thing I will ruin is: it’s too loud in specific points. I mean the audience is now deaf type of loud. I’m thirty-eight with good hearing and it took me out of the movie.
Gravity stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as two astronauts repairing Hubble when the shit hits the fan. And for the rest of the movie it’s race to survive in the most hostile environment ever charted by man: space.
If NASA ever wanted a recruitment movie this is it. Too bad it symbolizes the worst NASA disaster ever.
I would love to see the Blu-Ray second screen of this movie and watch the movie without the SFX. The SFX aren’t the gloss from say a J J Abrams movie. The SFX look, sound and feel real.
There is no sound in space. Sure you hear vibrations through the suits but otherwise there is no Star Trek/Star Wars noises.
And this brings up a good point I mentioned on either Twitter or Facebook: Star Trek: Into Darkness would have sucked a lot less if they had taken even 1% of Gravity and used it.
It’s worth seeing in 3-D IMAX just drool at the amount of work the digital artists did.
The one downside I will say is this: I wanted a longer ending. It just felt too pat.
Make sure to watch the credits for Mission Control voice.