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Day: December 3, 2013

[Plotting About] December and beyond…

So with NaNoWrimo over, it’s time to shift back to the work in progress.
A great deal of people have said to put your Wrimo in the drawer and edit in January. I agree with that advice.
After thirty days of staring at it, you need some time away from it to see how much of it you really need. This time away helped sort out a few plot problems in the work in progress.
I’ve gone back and re-planned the novel via a beat sheet. The biggest thing I changed was the pacing.
This means putting one of the protagonists, Melinda, into danger sooner than planned. It works without changing much of what I’ve written. It explains things better than the scenes I had already written.
While some of the universe building may have been pushed to the side I think a lot of it can be shuffled around. At least three to five chapters are being put off until book 2 so that frees up at least between 9-18k.
I think I’ll continue to plan out the rest of the novel while working on one or two short stories for Clarion, Viable Paradise workshops. So for now the K count bar for the work in progress isn’t going to show up for a while.
Once I’ve made progress on the short stories I’ll post an update.
Also, Providence Phoenix did an interview during one of our NaNoWrimo write ins.