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[Plotting About] January 2014 / Week 4 / Weaver / Chapter 5+6

The end of January is upon us and I decided to enter a Writer’s Digest University Boot Camp to crit the first ten pages of Weaver.
This meant going back to the first ten pages and chainsaw editing two pages worth of unneeded words. It doesn’t hurt the story just gets rid of unnecessary world building that can shuffled elsewhere.
Overall the editing for the first couple of chapters hasn’t been sunshine and rainbows. I’ve been discovery writing my antagonists and just goes to show how much I need to plan the next novel. This pantsing vs. planning has been an ongoing problem and is not breaking news by any stretch.
It just means Chapter 5+6 have been rewritten several times already to set up the rest of the novel and that’s a good thing.
I completely understand why it takes people years to finish their first novel. This is year three for Weaver.
I really am going to try my hand at short stories after this. Honest.
Amazon Breakout Novel Contest begins Feb 2 and ends March 2.
Great post from my word war/treadmill buddy, Bennett North in response to Chuck Windig’s post about when and when not to self publish. I agree with them both since my writing started out horrendous and thanks to feedback has gotten just a wee bit better.
Great guest post from Kameron Hurley about persistance followed by a follow up post of Harry Connolly on the subject.
Word metrics for January!
The Where Weavers Daire K BAR count is:

Less than two months away from Emerald City Convention! Time to track down pieces parts for a Jayne Cobb costume!

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